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Biblioteca Transfer of Land Act 1958.

Transfer of Land Act 1958.

Transfer of Land Act 1958.
An Act to consolidate the Law relating to the simplification of the title to and the dealing with estates and interests in land.

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This Act covers all aspects of the registration and transfer of title to land. The Act is divided into seven Parts as follws: The office of titles (I); Bringing land under the Act (II); The Register (III); Electronic instruments (3A); Registration of dealings with land (IV); Incidental provisions (V); General (VI); and Transitional (VII). Part IV makes provision for the registration of various dealings in land: leases, mortgages, acquisition by Statute, sales by Sheriff, etc.

Implemented by: Transfer of Land (General) Regulations 2004. (2004-05-16)
Implemented by: Transfer of Land (Fees) Interim Regulations, 2015. (2015-09-19)

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