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Biblioteca Town and Country Planning Ordinance.

Town and Country Planning Ordinance.

Town and Country Planning Ordinance.

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Abril 1948
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The carrying out provisions of this Ordinance shall be vested in the Central Housing and Planning Authority (sect. 3). The Authority may make Regulation regarding procedures for the adoption of planning schemes and may by resolution decide to prepare, adopt, or vary a scheme. Those schemes shall be submitted to the Administrator in Council for approval under section 6. "Schemes" includes a town planning scheme, a regional scheme, a supplementary scheme and a scheme varying or revoking an existing scheme (sect. 2). Every scheme shall provide for the establishment and maintenance of a register of all such things as is required by this Ordinance to be entered in the register (sect. 10). Section 13 makes provision for the interim development of land before the adoption of a scheme. Section 17 specifies compulsory contents of schemes. The schemes shall be enforced and carried into effect by the Central Authority (sect. 20). The Authority may also permit building by general development orders under section 22. The Administrator may acquire land to which a scheme applies under section 24. Sections 28 to 39 concern compensations for property affected by provisions of a scheme. (41 sections completed by 2 Schedules specifying matters for which regulations shall be made and matters to be dealth with by Schemes)

Repealed by: Physical Planning Act, 2003 (No. 6 of 2003). (2003-03-24)

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