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Biblioteca Lands and Deeds Registry Act (Cap. 185).

Lands and Deeds Registry Act (Cap. 185).

Lands and Deeds Registry Act (Cap. 185).

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This Act makes provision for the registration of documents relating to land, the certification of title, the legal proceedings and effects of the transfer of land, and other matters relating to registration of titles in land.The Act consists of 92 sections divided into 7 Parts: Preliminary (I); Registration of documents (II); Provisional certificates and certificates of title (III); Transfer and transmission of registered land (IV); Trusts (V); Caveats (VI); Miscellaneous (VII).A Registry of Deeds is established under section 3 for purposes of the Act. The registration of documents shall be performed by a Registrar appointed under that section. Every document purporting to grant, convey or transfer land or any interest in land, or to be a lease or agreement for lease or permit of occupation of land for a longer term than one year, or to create any charge upon land, whether by way of mortgage or otherwise, or which evidences the satisfaction of any mortgage or charge, and all bills of sale of personal property whereof the grantor remains in apparent possession, shall be subject to registration, unless already registered pursuant to other legislation (sect. 4). Section 9 specifies the registers that shall be kept.

Implemented by: Lands and Deeds Registry Regulations. (2006)

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