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Biblioteca Nigerian Ports Authority Act.

Nigerian Ports Authority Act.

Nigerian Ports Authority Act.
An Act to establish the Nigerian Ports Authority with the functions of providing and operating necessary facilities in ports and maintaining, improving and regulating the use of the ports; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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This Act provides for the establishment of the Nigerian Ports Authority, defines its functions, powers and liabilities and regulates its internal organization and financial matters. The Act further provides for matters relating to port operations such as pilotage and for the compulsory acquisition of land by the Authority and related matters.The Act consists of 128 sections divided into 15 Parts. It is completed by three Schedules.The Nigerian Ports Authority is established under section 1 as a body corporate. The Authority shall be managed by a Governing Board established under section 2. Functions and powers of the Authority are defined in Part II (sects. 8-9). The Authority shall provide and operate, in ports, such facilities as it deems appropriate and maintain, improve and regulate the use of the ports in Nigeria. The Minister may, by Order, declare any place in Nigeria and any navigable channel leading into that place to be a port within the meaning this Decree and may declare any navigable channel leading into a port to an approach to that port within the meaning of this Decree (sect. 30). Part V (sects. 24-29) provides for the expropriation of land. Upon application of the Authority the Head of State may compulsory acquire land in the sense of the Land Use Act for purposes of this Decree (sect. 24). The Authority may also enter upon land for the carrying out of specified works. Compensation shall be paid for alienation of land or damage to crops or trees by the Authority.

Implemented by: Nigerian Ports Authority (Pilotage) Regulations. (2013-02-21)
Implemented by: Nigerian Ports Authority (Port) Regulations. (2013-02-21)
Implemented by: Nigerian Ports Authority Docks and Premises Bye-laws. (2013-02-21)
Implemented by: Ports (Carbide of Calcium) Regulations. (2013-02-21)

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