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Biblioteca Punjab Land Utilization Authority Ordinance, 1981.

Punjab Land Utilization Authority Ordinance, 1981.

Punjab Land Utilization Authority Ordinance, 1981.
An Ordinance to provide for the establishment of a Land Utilization Authority in the Province of the Punjab.

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This Ordinance establishes a Land Utilization Authority for the purpose of controlling and managing cultivable land in the Province, and also to motivate land owners to develop their cultivable land by providing credit facilities to them. The Government shall establish the Punjab Land Utilization Authority. Powers and functions of the Authority are outlined in the Ordinance. If any land lying waste is not brought under cultivation by its owners within a fixed period of time, the Authority may declare that the land shall be taken over by the Authority for a specified period, for cultivation or development, according to the provisions of the Ordinance. The Authority may grant loans to any land owners who are willing to undertake the development of their cultivable waste land. The Government shall appoint a Director-General of the Authority who shall exercise such executive powers and perform such functions and duties as defined in the Ordinance. There shall also be a fund of the Authority to be known as the Punjab Land Utilization Authority Fund.

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