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Biblioteca Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900 (Punjab Act II of 1900).

Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900 (Punjab Act II of 1900).

Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900 (Punjab Act II of 1900).
An Act to provide for the better preservation and protection of certain portions of the territories of the Punjab.

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This Act recognizes the power of the Provincial Government to temporarily regulate, restrict or prohibit certain activities in any area subject to erosion and take up reforestation and soil conservation programmes.The Provincial Government may also require owners or occupiers of land subject to erosion to execute works or take measures as specified in the Act and which shall include: the levelling, terracing, drainage and embanking of fields; the construction of earth-works in fields and ravines; the provision of drains for storm water; and the protection of land against the action of wind or water.The Act further prescribes measures to regulate the beds of any stream or torrent flowing through or from any mountain range within the Province in order to regulate the flow of water within and prevent the widening or extension of such bed or to reclaim or protect any land situated within the limits of such bed.Furthermore, the Act provides for: inquiries into claims; methods of awarding compensation; offences and penalties; etc.

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