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Biblioteca Maritime Forestry Complex Corporation Act (S.N.B. 2012, c. 108).

Maritime Forestry Complex Corporation Act (S.N.B. 2012, c. 108).

Maritime Forestry Complex Corporation Act (S.N.B. 2012, c. 108).

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Section 2 of the above-mentioned Act establishes a body corporate called the “Maritime Forestry Complex Corporation” consisting of those persons who make up the board of directors. Section 11 outlines the objects and purposes of the corporations as follows to: a) establish a Maritime Provinces regional forestry complex in which various governments, governmental agencies, universities, university agencies, educational institutions and private industries may jointly and severally construct, maintain and operate facilities to carry on their work in forestry matters; b) acquire real property and personal property for the purpose of constructing, modifying, expanding or reconstructing either in part or in total a regional forestry complex; c) operate, maintain, provide services to and service, either in whole or in part, a regional forestry complex; d) do all things conducive to the establishment, construction, operation and maintenance of a regional forestry complex; e) promote and encourage research and technological development in a regional forestry complex as a part of a Centre of Excellence in forestry matters in Canada; and f) cooperate and act in conjunction with other organizations and agencies, public and private, in the implementation of programs designed to give effect to any of the objects of the corporation. The text consists of 15 sections.

Repeals: Maritime Forestry Complex Corporation Act (S.N.B. 1980, c. M-1.2). (2004-06-30)

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