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Biblioteca Rural Land Use Policy for Fiji.

Rural Land Use Policy for Fiji.

Rural Land Use Policy for Fiji.

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Dezembro 2005
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The Rural Land Use Policy for Fiji is a national policy with a multi-sectoral approach. The general principle of this Policy is to determine responsibilities of the State, landowners and land users in the fields of sustainable rural development, land management, protection of natural resources, having regard to biophysical, cultural, social and commercial factors.Technical, institutional and legal framework will be strengthened and assessment will be carried out on agricultural land, pastures and forests to ensure efficient land use. Public awareness will be raised and capacity building will be ensured through information sharing, education and extension programmes on soil improvement, soil conservation, soil fertility, land use planning, forest protection, forest health, biodiversity conservation, water management, natural resources, and rural land use systems. Furthermore agricultural and land management staff will also be trained at all levels. Public participation will be ensured in decision-making process related to environment, rural development, sustainable land management, etc. Measures will be taken against land degradation, reduction of long-term productivity, and on-site and off-site impacts on land use. Fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the land use will be ensured. This Policy will be implemented in an integrated way with current national policies regarding environmental sustainability, sustainable use of natural resources, rural development, social equity, agricultural development, food security, sustainable forest management, sustainable use of forest resources, international trade, sugarcane industry, and resettlement of displaced farmers.This Policy sets out roles and responsibilities of divisions of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests and the Nature Lands Trust Board and coordination will be facilitated between these institutions and other agencies.

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