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Biblioteca Land Registration (General) Regulations, 2017 (S.I. No. 278 of 2017).

Land Registration (General) Regulations, 2017 (S.I. No. 278 of 2017).

Land Registration (General) Regulations, 2017 (S.I. No. 278 of 2017).

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Dezembro 2017
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These Regulations of the Cabinet Secretary implement provisions of the Land Registration Act in respect of the organization and administration of land registries, the procedures for the registration of land, and related matters. The land register referred to under section 7 of the Act shall contain (a) the property section; (b) the proprietorship section; and (c) the encumbrance section. The Regulations set out the content of each section and also of the proprietorship section of a register that pertains to community land. Subject to the law relating to community land, an application to register a parcel of land as community land shall be accompanied by the documents set out in section 8(l) of the Act. Every instrument presented for registration shall be accompanied by an application for registration in the prescribed form. A person whose application for registration has been rejected may appeal to the County Registrar and thereafter the Chief Land Registrar, if not satisfied.The Regulations also contain provisions concerning survey and mapping and dispositions affecting land transactions, including sale of interest in land, charge on land, lease, granting of easement, and other transfer of interests in land. Unless the parties to a contract expressly provide otherwise, the Law Society Conditions of Sale shall apply to a contract of sale of an interest in land.

Implements: Land Registration Act, 2012 (Cap. 300). (2012-04-27)

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