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Biblioteca Spatial Development Planning Law (2011)

Spatial Development Planning Law (2011)

Spatial Development Planning Law (2011)

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Outubro 2011
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The Law determines principles for spatial development planning in Latvia. Its purpose is to ensure such spatial development planning that would raise the quality of the living environment, ensure sustainable, effective and rational use of territories and other resources, as well as targeted and balanced development of economy. According to the document, spatial development is planned by drawing up the following coherently co-ordinated spatial development planning documents: (1) at the national level – the Sustainable Development Strategy of Latvia and the National Development Plan; (2) at the regional level – the sustainable development strategy and the development programme of a planning region; (3) at the local level – the sustainable development strategy, the development programme, the spatial plan, a local plan and a detailed plan of a local government. At all the levels, when developing spatial development planning documents, a strategic environmental impact assessment must be ensured, if it is necessary in accordance with laws and regulations.

Repeals: Spatial Planning Law. (2002-06-12)

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