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Março 2015
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This Act lays down some amendments and addenda to Act on the protection of agricultural land. The present Act defines new principles of protection of agricultural land. It is forbidden to: (a) pollute agricultural land by incorporation of substances, preparations or organisms into agricultural land the amount of which exceeds the precautionary values; (b) cause the erosion of agricultural land; (c) use agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes without consent to withdrawal from the agricultural land fund; (d) damage physical, chemical or biological properties of agricultural land by compaction, wetting, drying, overlaps or erosion. The supplemented sections establish provisions on: uses of sediments on agricultural land (Sec. 3a); acquiring and recording information on the quality of agricultural land and recording of agricultural land withdrawal (Sec. 3b); procedures for pollution of agricultural land or endangered agricultural land erosion and remedial measures (Sec. 3c).

Amends: Act on the protection of agricultural land. (1992-05-12)

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