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Biblioteca Analysis of Displacement in Somalia

Analysis of Displacement in Somalia

Analysis of Displacement in Somalia

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Dezembro 2014
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Development and humanitarian actors
currently engaged in Somalia face the challenge of
delivering assistance in such a way that it is supportive of
peace and state building, addresses the acute vulnerability,
and dependence of large shares of the population while
operating in a still insecure and changing environment.
Forced displacement is a key feature of the current
political economy context of Somalia. The necessity of
addressing displacement is partly due to the scale and
duration of the phenomenon. Displacement dynamics have
fundamentally reshaped Somali culture in multiple ways. The
purpose of this study is to inform the Bank and other
development and humanitarian actors on the scale,
characteristics, and political economy dimensions of
displacement in Somalia. The study was undertaken between
February and June 2013 by a team from the Tana Copenhagen.
The conceptual framework for the study was based on one for
political economy assessments. In this context the report
presents, introduction; history, causes, and characteristics
of displacement in Somalia; current internally displaced
person (IDP) situation; prospects for return;
vulnerabilities and development needs of the displaced;
political economy challenges; and development for IDPs - recommendations.

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