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Biblioteca Afghanistan Poverty Status Update

Afghanistan Poverty Status Update

Afghanistan Poverty Status Update

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Novembro 2015
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Afghanistan’s per capita Gross Domestic
Product (GDP) grew at an average annual rate of 6.9 percent
during that period. In contrast, in 2007-08, 36 percent of
Afghans were poor, and four years later, still, more than
one in three Afghans did not have the buying power to
satisfy their basic food and non-food needs. Economic growth
in Afghanistan, therefore, is not in and of itself enough to
reduce poverty. To achieve poverty reduction, economic
growth needs to be far more inclusive for everyone,
regardless of their circumstances. While economic growth is
necessary to reduce poverty, the poor must actually benefit
from that growth. Poverty reduction hinges on the ability of
the poorest to earn a good living; accumulate, control, and
protect assets; and access quality services and
opportunities. For Afghanistan, this means: strengthening
agriculture, investing in human development, managing and
mitigating risk.

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