Analysis of ways to codify customary communal shifting cultivation land in Myanmar | Land Portal

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Junho 2017
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XVI Biennial Conference of the IASC, Utrecht July 2017
Track 8: What Role can the Commons play in the Struggle for Land Rights, in particular of
Indigenous Communities?..."Research into the Commons can contribute to the struggle for land rights of indigenous communities, if the research can suggest the means for the indigenous communities to articulate their claims and seek ways to have their land protected under statutory law in a way that does not distort their traditional tenure arrangements. The present research looks at this struggle for land rights in Myanmar to show how the application of the Theory of the Commons and its guiding principles can prepare a stepping stone for the preparation of procedures that eventually could become embedded in a legal and regulatory framework for land registration of customary communal agricultural land of upland ethnic groups...

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Kirsten Ewers Andersen

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