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Fevereiro 2017
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The Constitution of Kenya 2010 apportions responsibility of planning to both National and County governments. The County Government Act, 2012 obligates county governments to prepare and implement County Integrated Development Plans (CIDP). The CIDPs are, according to the act, five year plans that will form the basis of annual budgetary allocation by the county governments. In the past, development planning has largely been ineffective due to: over-centralization of planning and decision making, disconnect between spatial and economic planning, inadequate and disconnected budgetary support, uncoordinated sectoral planning and implementation, inadequate, unstructured and disjointed monitoring of planning and implementation. This manual is an instrument to provide support to the County Governments to facilitate preparation of County Integrated Development Plans as required by law and also to realize coordinated and sustainable development planning in the counties. The manual guides: the process of plan preparation; Visioning; stakeholder engagement; presentation of the plan outputs; plan implementation; monitoring and Evaluation framework. The Manual also provides a reference frame to enable the realization of a unified understanding of the intention of the Integrated Planning framework among the planners, the County Governments and other public and private agencies that have a stake in County Integrated Planning. The manual therefore targets: Practicing planners both in public and private sectors, Training institutions, County Governments, Planning Authorities, Development partners. It is hoped that this manual will enhance planning at the county levels and also facilitate standardization of the process of preparing the CIDPs and the consequent outputs and outcome throughout the country. The manual will be reviewed periodically as need arises so that it is responsive to contemporary societal demands on planning.

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