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Outubro 2021
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This document has been initially released online as a Land Portal data story. You can find it online here.

Few countries have suffered such severe deforestation as Cambodia in the past few decades, a place once known as one of the most forest-endowed countries in the world. Since 2000 Cambodia has lost 26,4% of its primary forest cover, surpassing larger, forested countries like Brazil and Indonesia. The question remains, how can we turn the tide on the relentless destruction of Cambodia’s forests?

In this newly released data story entitled “Deforestation in Cambodia: A story of land concessions, migration and resource exploitation”, the authors Daniel Hayward and Jean Christophe Diepart fleshed out and explored key drivers of said deforestation. These drivers include illegal logging, agrarian expansion by smallholder farmers and large-scale land acquisition. Through the use of data, visualizations and maps, it promises to support the reader through the complexities of these matters. Finally, the story ends with a reframing of the narrative in this context, providing insights and food for thought for the way forward.


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Daniel Hayward

Jean Christophe Diepart


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