From Theory to Practice: Exploring the Implementation of Responsible Land Investments in Africa | Land Portal
Responsible land-based investments
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Junho 2023
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Land governance in Africa faces various challenges,including weak legal frameworks and insufficient institutional capacity. Responsible land investmentsare vital for sustainable development and require the active participation of all stakeholders. The project component "Responsible Governance ofInvestments in Land," funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, aims to promote responsible investments in Ethiopia, Laos, and Uganda. Focusing on compliance with land use regulations,advisory services for investors, multi-stakeholder dialogues, and protection of local land users' rights, the project works closely with government and civil society to review policies & laws, increase awareness& compliance, and promote community participation. The webinar discussed the importance of responsible land investments in Africa and thechallenges faced, strengthening capacities ofgovernment authorities, investors, and smallholder farmers and underscored the need for more stringent policy and regulatory frameworks to ensure responsible land investments.

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