Standardized Assessment of Biodiversity Trends in Tropical Forest Protected Areas: The End Is Not in Sight | Land Portal

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Dezembro 2016
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Beaudrot, L.
Ahumada, J.A.
O'Brien, T.
Alvarez-Loayza, P.
Boekee, K.
Campos-Arceiz, A.
Eichberg, D.
Espinosa, S.
Fegraus, E.
Fletcher, C.
Gajapersad, K.
Hallam, C.
Hurtado, J.
Jansen, P.A.
Kumar, A.
Larney, E.
Moreira Lima, M.G.
Mahony, C.
Martin, E.H.
McWilliam, A.
Mugerwa, B.
Ndoundou-Hockemba, M.
Razafimahaimodison, J.C.
Romero-Saltos, H.
Rovero, F.
Salvador, J.
Santos, F.
Sheil, D.
Spironello, W.R.
Willig, M.R.
Winarni, N.L.
Zvoleff, A.
Andelman, S.J.

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