The gendered impacts of large-scale land based investments and women’s responses | Land Portal

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Julho 2020
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This scoping study analyses gendered impacts of large-scale extractives, hydropower and agribusiness investments that result in communities’ changed access to and control over land, water and other natural resources. Large-scale commercial pressures on natural resources have been on the rise over the course of the past decade leading to growing concerns on their costs, benefits and human rights impacts. Through wideranging review of academic and civil society literature enriched by twenty interviews with international experts and practitioners, this study confirms that women are differently and disproportionally negatively impacted by these industries. Moreover, this study shed lights on the various gendered manifestations of the impacts of large-scale land based investments and women’s and civil society responses that are still under represented.

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Magdalena Anna Kropiwnicka
Barbara van Paassen

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