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Rural Land Management in Bangladesh

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Dezembro 2017
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Based on a theoretical discussion from global perspective the paper describes present rural land administration and management structure in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a land scarce country with high-density population. As most of the people live in rural areas and depend on agriculture and allied activities, proper rural land management is crucial. The paper presents an overall view of rural land management in Bangladesh and reveals that the current land management system is almost obsolete. Land administration system is conventional and characterised by inefficiency and corruption. Some of the major problems facing the country in managing rural land are: outdated and inadequate land related policies and land laws, inequality of land ownership and landlessness, as well as increasing conflicts over land. The study also looks at some potential measures taken by the government to improve the country’s land administration and management system. Finally the paper provides a set of guidelines to deal with present land management challenges.

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Fahria Masum

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