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Zambia Land Alliance
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Patrick Musole
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401A St Johns Road, Makeni Bonaventure
Bona Venture - Makeni Lusaka
10101 Lusaka
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Bona Venture - Makeni Lusaka
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Established in 1997, Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA) is a network of Non-Governmental Organizations promoting fair land policies, laws and land administration which takes into account the needs of the poor.

ZLA has been promoting equitable access and secured ownership of land by the rural and urban poor through lobbying, advocacy, networking, research and community partnership.

Vision: A Zambia in which poor and vulnerable citizens have equitable and secured access, ownership and control over land for sustainable development.

Mission: Zambia Land Alliance is a platform for collective action committed to promoting equitable access, control and secured ownership of land by the rural, peri-urban and urban poor and marginalised, through lobbying and advocacy, networking, research and community partnership

ZLA operates through a National Secretariat located in Lusaka with seven (7) national members and eight (08) District Branches across five (5) Provinces of Zambia. Additionally, ZLA has been operating five project offices located in three different provinces.

Zambia Land Alliance Resources

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Library Resource
Legislações e Políticas
Outubro, 2015

Draft Land Policy, Zambia

Published in 2015

Library Resource
Relatórios e Pesquisa
Janeiro, 2008

Presentation of civil society views for pro-poor land policies and laws in Zambia. Includes introduction and background; overview of the land policy options paper; context setting for policy development; policy options; implementation framework. Lays emphasis on protection of customary land, ability to convert leasehold back to customary land, need for size limits, 30% state land allocation should go to women, awareness raising on joint registration.

Library Resource
Documentos e Resumos de Políticas
Janeiro, 2008

Land Policy Options for Development and Poverty Reduction

Civil Society Views for Pro-poor Land Policies and Laws in Zambia 

January 2008

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