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The African Journal of International and Comparative Law re-started publication with EUP in 2005, with the approval of the African Society of International and Comparative Law. The eminent Editorial Board continues as previously, with members from international institutions in Geneva and from universities in Africa, the UK and the US. The journal continues its tradition of providing invaluable refereed material in both international and comparative law on a pan-African basis. It includes articles on public or private international law, either in English or French, as well as a section on recent developments relevant to the continent.

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Julho, 2017

Racialised land ownership in former apartheid-governed states of the SADC remains the most divisive subject particularly between Western states and SADC states themselves. Western states have reacted to the SADC land reform programme (LRP) by imposing severe economic sanctions on target states while SADC states have, in the aftermath of the Campbell decision, suspended the very SADC Tribunal for handing down that decision, pending review of its jurisdiction.

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