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Area Development and Policy
Area Development and Policy

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Area Development and Policy (ADP) aims to be a world class journal publishing original academic research examining the economic, political, cultural and geographical contexts which play a fundamental role in shaping and developing regions, cities, rural areas and the relationships between them. ADP concentrates on issues relating to the Greater BRICS and welcomes submissions emerging from these countries as well from the developed world. ADP places an emphasis on research which examines the role of diverse institutional configurations and values at both national and regional levels within the Greater BRICS, and believes that theories should derive from the experiences of these countries and regions and not necessarily from the (possibly exceptional) experiences of Northwest Europe and North America.



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Land-use conflict and socio-economic impacts of infrastructure projects: the case of Diamer Bhasha Dam in Pakistan

Peer-reviewed publication
Janeiro, 2017

This article examines the conflicts arising from the Diamer Bhasha Dam project in northern Pakistan. Conflicts arising from the impacts of the dam on the local population and territory and steps to resolve some of them are identified. These impacts relate to unfair land acquisition, improper displacement, inadequate compen- sation, resettlement and future livelihoods. The completion of the project depends on the arrangement of project finance, resolution of conflicts among different actors and the consent of all stakeholders.