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Government of Estonia
Government of Estonia
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The Government of the Republic of Estonia is the cabinet of Estonia. Under the Constitution, it is officially defined as Estonia's executive authority, and exercises executive power pursuant to the Constitution and laws of Estonia.

The cabinet carries out the country’s domestic and foreign policy, shaped by parliament (Riigikogu); it directs and co-ordinates the work of government institutions and bears full responsibility for everything occurring within the authority of executive power. The government, headed by the Prime Minister, thus represents the political leadership of the country and makes decisions in the name of the whole executive power.


From wikipedia article Government of Estonia



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Earth's Crust Act (2016)

Outubro, 2016

The Act regulates the Earth’s crust in Estonia. Its purpose is to ensure sustainable and economically efficient use of the earth's crust and to reduce environmental nuisances arising thereby to the greatest extent possible.

Planning Act (2015)

Janeiro, 2015

The Act regulates spatial planning in Estonia. Its aim is to create, by promoting environmentally sound and economically, culturally and socially sustainable development, the preconditions that are necessary for democratic, long-term and balanced spatial development that takes into account the needs and interests of all members of the Estonian society to occur, for democratic, long-term and balanced land use pattern that takes into account the needs and interests of all members of the Estonian society to form and for high-quality living and built environment to develop.

Registered Partnership Act (2014)

Outubro, 2014

The Act lays down main principles for registered partnerships in Estonia. According to the Act, a registered partnership contract may be entered into between two natural persons of whom at least one has residence in Estonia. Notably, the Act provides that, upon entry into a registered partnership contract, the registered partners shall, by agreement, select a proprietary relationship from among the types of proprietary relations provided in Division 2 of Chapter 4 of Part 1 of the Family Law Act pursuant to the procedure prescribed in the Vital Statistics Registration Act.

Industrial Emissions Act (2013)

Abril, 2013

The Act regulates industrial emissions in Estonia. Its purpose is to achieve a high level of protection of the environment taken as a whole by minimizing emissions into air, water and soil and the generation of waste in order to prevent adverse environmental impacts. The Act determines the industrial activities of high environmental hazard, provides the requirements for operation therein and liability for failure to comply with the requirements, and the organisation of state supervision.