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Founded in 963, Luxembourg became a grand duchy in 1815 and an independent state under the Netherlands. It lost more than half of its territory to Belgium in 1839 but gained a larger measure of autonomy. Full independence was attained in 1867. Overrun by Germany in both world wars, it ended its neutrality in 1948 when it entered into the Benelux Customs Union and when it joined NATO the following year. In 1957, Luxembourg became one of the six founding countries of the EEC (later the EU), and in 1999 it joined the euro currency area.

Luxembourg is constitutional monarchy.

Source: CIA World Factbook

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Março, 2019

Objectives of this photo story are to collate updated data and information to identify and describe key issues and processes revolving around land in the Mekong region and to provide a basis for constructive dialogue and collaborative decision-making with different actors to address these issues.

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Cover MRLG (2018) Summary Report of the Second Regional Land Forum, 28 – 30 May 2018

Summary Report

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Junho, 2018

Following the success of the inaugural Regional Land  Forum  in  Hanoi  in  2016,  the  Second Regional  Land  Forum  was  held  from  28-30th May,  2018,  in  Bangkok.  The  Regional  Land Forum  aims  to  provide  a  multi-stakeholder platform  for  networking  and  dialogue  on  land governance  issues  across  the  Mekong  region, particularly  Cambodia,  Laos,  Myanmar  and Vietnam  (CLMV).  The  Second  Regional  Land Forum  attracted  280 participants  –  comprising government,   private   sector,   civil   society, researchers,   community   members,   donors, development partners a

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Janeiro, 2016

Ce règlement met en exécution la loi du 30 juillet 2013 concernant l'aménagement du territoire. Le règlement porte dispositions relatives à la composition, l'organisation et le fonctionnement du groupe de travail chargé de l’élaboration du programme directeur d’l'aménagement du territoire. Le texte comprend 5 articles.

Met en oeuvre: Loi concernant l’aménagement du territoire. (2013-07-30)

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