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Insitute of Development Research and Development Policy
Insitute of Development Research and Development Policy
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How do various forms of globalisation affect the economy, politics, and society at a national and subnational level? How does globalisation influence governance? How can the main and side effects of development programmes be measured? How can the use of resources be controlled in a sensible manner? Such questions that are relevant for scientific and practical international collaboration are looked at by around 50 researchers at IEE from an economic, legal, and social scientific perspective. At present, the institute is conducting research into associated questions concerning food security, labour markets, and labour and social standards, and how to combat the causes of migration. The multidisciplinary and significantly international research approach is also reflected in the IEE teaching: the institute offers the MA course in Development Management in Bochum and in Cape Town, runs the PhD programme in International Development Studies at RUB and is closely involved in a collaboration with Afghan universities. People from more than 30 nations research, teach, manage, and learn at the IEE.



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Determining Minimum Compensation for Lost Farmland: A Theory-Based Impact Evaluation of a Land Grab in Sierra Leone

Policy Papers & Briefs
Março, 2016
Sierra Leone

The land grabbing issue has produced a plethora of debates ranging from ethical conduct of land grabbing agents, specifically concerning displacement, to evidence for and against positive externalities such as technological spill-overs and construction of infrastructure. An underexplored topic is the valuation of agricultural land and the compensatory payments made to land users, distinct from land owners, for the loss of their source of food security.