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The Journal of International Development is an inter-disciplinary journal that aims to publish the best research on international development issues in a form that is accessible to practitioners and policy-makers as well as to an academic audience. Alongside its main focus on international development, the Journal does not represent any particular school of development thought, analytical technique or methodological approach, but aims to publish high quality scientific contributions to ideas, frameworks, policy and practice that make a significant and novel contribution to the field of international development. Contributions on the Global North and Global South are welcome, although the journal particularly encourages contributions from researchers from the Global South or working on research that address challenges in the Global South. The Journal has two special features: Field Reports, which are short articles contributing to development policy and practice, and invited Special Issues, which comprise several articles focusing on a theme at the frontier of knowledge in the field of international development.  



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Social Capital and Pastoral Institutions in Conflict Management: Evidence from Eastern Ethiopia

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Dezembro, 2014

This paper examines the role of customary pastoral institutions in managing conflicts. It indicates thatintra‐ethnic conflicts can be managed customarily because of shared norms attributed to the social proximity and cultural homogeneity, whereas managing inter‐ethnic conflicts goes beyond the capacity of elders' council exercising customary law. The introduction of ethnic‐based federalism and historical political relations between different ethnic groups has weakened customary institutions in managing inter‐ethnic conflict.