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GIZ Sector Project
Land Governance

GIZ Sector Project Land Governance

Creating livelihoods - securing access to land

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, the GIZ Sector Project Land Governance supports inovative, tried-and-tested strategies for strengthening governance in the area of land policy and land management in national and international policy processes and initiatives.

In order to facilitate this objective, the sector project follows the follwoing three approaches:  

Policy advice and positioning in national and international processes

The project provides advice to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on formulating policies and developing strategies in connection with land rights. To this end, the project prepares strategy and discussion papers, statements and thematic contributions to BMZ’s political discussions. The project cooperates here with national and international partners and supports specialist international debate.

Strategy development and knowledge generation

The preparation and development of manuals on issues such as land conflicts, land use planning and large-scale investments in agriculture contribute significantly to the knowledge generations of the Secotr Project. The strategies developed are integrated into knowledge platforms and networks, where they are made available to international cooperation actors. Connections to issues such as gender, forestry, soil conservation, human rights and urban development supplement the project’s advisory services.

Knowledge transfer, mainstreaming and networking

International cooperation actors receive support from the sector project through capacity development measures. These include awareness-raising, training courses and exchange formats for experts and managers in the area of land administration and land rights. Moreover, intensive knowledge management, advisory services for projects abroad and involvement in networks help to spread innovative approaches to improving governance with regard to land.


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