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Pitch your story!
Pitch your story!


How can you participate?

Please read the guidance below and pitch your story by submitting the form. The deadline to pitch stories is April 6, 2022.  


  • Stories should fulfill the four pillars of solutions journalism to be selected. You can find examples of solution stories in the SJN Solutions Story Tracker
  •  Stories should include both the environmental and the land angles of the solution. For example, the practice of saving seeds via agroecology requires farmers to have the rights to land. 
  •  Stories should be published in local media first and will be further disseminated on the Land Portal.
  • The story pitch must be in English but the full story can be in your local language. If the language in which the story is written is other than English, the story will be translated into English, free of cost for the author of the story, for its dissemination on the Land Portal.

  Your commitment:

  • Get familiar with the Solutions Journalism approach attending the Solutions Journalism 101 training (next training March 15, 2022) and reading the Basic Tool Kit (available in over a dozen of languages). 
  • Find a local outlet to publish your story and ensure permission for its publication on Land Portal.
  • Maintain open communications with project organizers to receive guidance and exchange ideas throughout the production and publication of the story.
  • Participate in 1-3 project calls to engage with other journalists writing stories to share ideas, experiences, challenges, and successes.
  • Must be willing to participate in a future webinar presenting the story. 

If you are wondering…

Is the story paid?

Yes, each author will be paid 300 USD for their story and any accompanying pictures. The author will be required to fulfill the commitments as laid out above. 

How long should the story be?

The story should be around 2000 words. The length can be discussed if the local outlet where it will be published have other requirements. 

In what format should the story be in?

The story should be in written format, though accompanying photos are highly encouraged.