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International Grassland Congress
2 July 2019

Second Call for Panels, Papers and Posters Joint XXIV International Grassland Congress and XI International Rangeland Congress



25 June 2019
Eastern Africa

Some see the ruling as a positive step toward equal access to land but others fear it undermines the traditional laws that have guided generations

KAPCHEBOI, Kenya, June 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A few months ago, the idea of coming home with a hoe in one hand and a sack of freshly harvested potatoes in the other was only a dream for Rachel Korir.

15 April 2019
Eastern Africa

For over 40 years, she fought in vain to be allocated just one out 42 acres of the family land which she wanted to till and feed her children.

She was not only denied the small piece of land and barred from practicing any form of farming but also faced an eviction from the property at the tail end of 1999.

9 April 2019
Western Africa

Despite a legal ruling and international attention, Kenya's Ogiek people have continued to face evictions, underlining the inherent difficulties in implementing judgments

8 March 2019
South Africa
Sierra Leone


These are dark days if you care about justice. New estimates reveal that over 5 billion people live outside the protection of the law. These are people who can be driven from their land, intimidated by violence, and excluded from society.

Against the backdrop of this staggering figure, community paralegals offer hope.

Fonte: ONU Brasil
15 February 2019
Foi concluída nesta semana a fase de planejamento da iniciativa “Além do Algodão” em Benim, Quênia, Moçambique e Tanzânia. O programa tem o objetivo de impulsionar a geração de renda de agricultores familiares e aumentar a segurança alimentar e nutricional em áreas rurais dos quatro países participantes.


7 February 2019

A court ruling asserting that married women qualify to inherit properties of their fathers and should not be excluded during distribution has stirred debate between defenders of women’s and men’s rights.

23 January 2019

More than 8,000 residents of Shimoni in Kwale County want 700 title deeds issued last year by the government revoked.

Speaking to the Nation in Shimoni on Wednesday, the locals from eight villages said the issuance process was flawed and a new one should be initiated.