WORLD BANK CLIMATE WEBINAR | Women’s Land Rights and Access to Results-Based Climate Finance in REDD+ programs | Land Portal

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Women play a key role in security and wellbeing of their households and communities, and possess the understanding of what is needed to adapt to changing environmental conditions. However, prevailing patriarchal social norms and gender roles in many developing countries can exclude women from climate finance and make them more vulnerable to climate impacts, and that can in turn exacerbate existing inequalities. Effective and inclusive climate finance must therefore address the obstacles that women face to accessing information, knowledge and resources, getting a place at the table where decisions are made, and in having an equal share of economic opportunities.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the Climate Funds Management Unit (SCCFM) will host a discussion of gender equality in results-based climate finance with experts in the field on March 7th. This discussion features a new study financed by the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and executed by Resource Equity, Gender Equity in Land and Forest Tenure in 17 FCPF Countries, that looks at gender equity in land and forest tenure in the context of results-based climate finance. We will be discussing how insecure land rights can inhibit women’s access to the result-based climate finance, to value chains, and how these challenges can be addressed using behavioral science diagnostic tools in gender analysis, and dedicated support.   

Webinar registrants will receive a copy of the full report and country profiles with the webinar recording.