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Practical Action
Practical Action
Non Governmental organization


The Schumacher Centre, Bourton on Dunsmore
Rugby CV23 9QZ,
United Kingdom

Practical Action is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) that uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries.

We find out what people are doing and help them to do it better. Through technology we enable poor communities to build on their skills and knowledge to produce sustainable and practical solutions- transforming their lives forever and protecting the world around them.



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Land in return, reintegration and recovery processes: Some lessons from the Great Lakes region of Africa

Journal Articles & Books
сентября, 2009

The chapter describes some of the political challenges involved in managing the transition from emergency activities to longer-term 'developmental' policies in Rwanda and Burundi. In post-genocide Rwanda, uncompensated expropriation and a nationwide settlement policy may have reduced short-term problems over secondary occupation of property, but have created lingering grievances. International agencies have underplayed the role of state agency in their analysis of these problems.

Desarrollo Rural y Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación

Reports & Research
августа, 2005

Los valiosos ejemplos presentados abarcan una serie de experiencias heterogéneas, desde el uso de tecnología WiFi (comunicación inalámbrica) en el caso de Huaral hasta la comunicación oral en Piura. Desde una red de información nacional con oficinas en regiones y provincias como el SIAG del Ministerio de Agricultura hasta una telecentro comunitario en Cotahuasi.