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South Africa

The Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII) is an online repository of legal information from South Africa that aims to promote the rule of law and judicial accountability by publishing legal material for open access in line with the objectives of the global Free Access to Law Movement.

SAFLII also hosts legal materials from other countries in the region, which are obtained through partnerships and collaborative efforts with governments, courts, law societies and more recently through linking to other Legal Information Institutes being established in these regions.

SAFLII's projects have been commended by the Southern African Chief Justices Forum, The South African Parliament as well as the Office of the Chief Justice.

SAFLII was previously a project of the South African Constitutional Court Trust and is currently in operation from within the Democratic Governance and Rights Unit (DGRU) at the University of Cape Town. It is the largest online free-access collection of journals, judgments and legislation from South Africa