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Community Organizations Brill Publishers (Martinus Nijhoff)
Brill Publishers (Martinus Nijhoff)
Brill Publishers (Martinus Nijhoff)
Brill/ Nijhof
Publishing Company
Phone number
Tel: +31 71 53 53 500


The Netherlands
Plantijnstraat 2
2321 JC
Postal address
P.O. Box 9000
2300 PA, Leiden
The Netherlands
Working languages

Martinus Nijhoff Publishers was an independent academic publishing company dating back to the nineteenth century, which is now an imprint of Brill Publishers. Founded in 1683, Brill is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus. The name was changed to Brill–Nijhoff. Brill is a prestigious imprint with its portfolio focuses on areas in Public International Law, Human Rights, Humanitarian Law and increasingly on International Relations. Brill publishes over 800 books per year in both print and electronic format. Many of Brill’s journals are indexed by major abstracting & indexing services, such as Web of Science and Scopus. All back volumes are digitized and are included in the Brill Journal Archives Online. Its annual publication program consists of over 20 journals, 20 annuals and some 120 new book titles. The company’s head office is in Leiden, (The Netherlands) with a branch office in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Brill was listed at the Amsterdam Stock exchange in 1896. Brill’s publications focus on the Humanities and Social Sciences, International Law and selected areas in the Sciences. 



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Large-Scale Land Acquisitions: Focus on South-East Asia

Journal Articles & Books
декабря, 2016

WEBSITE INTRODUCTION: This book examines large-scale land acquisitions, or ‘land grabbing’, with a focus on South-East Asia. Thematic papers and detailed case studies put this phenomenon into specific historical and institutional contexts, analysing transformations in livelihoods, human rights impacts, and potential remedies.