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Peter Boxall


Victoria , British Columbia
British Columbia CA
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Canadian Agricultural Economics Society Department of Economics University of Victoria Room 360, Business and Economics Bldg PO Box 1700, STN CSC Victoria, B.C. V8W 2Y2
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Who We Are

The Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (CAES) is an association comprised of individuals with a professional interest in topics related to the economics of agriculture, food, natural resources, and the environment. CAES members include economists and other social science professionals in universities, government, non-government agencies and the private sector, and undergraduate and graduate students. CAES members include Canadians and others, in Canada and elsewhere.

What We Do

The CAES provides opportunities for professional development, association and networking among individuals making contributions to solving important agricultural, food and resource problems of the day, and in anticipating new challenges and opportunities. The principal activities of the Society include: publishing the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics; convening an annual meeting to share research results and to conduct Society affairs; hosting on an annual basis a regional workshop or national conference on topics of interest to members (e.g., agricultural, food, resource policy); sponsoring awards for academic excellence, including the best theses related to agricultural, food, and resource economics at Canadian universities; and maintaining a website and Newsletter designed to facilitate the communication of information, ideas and research results by CAES members and other professionals. Members of the CAES manage the affairs of the Canadian Agricultural Economics and Farm Management Foundation.