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Hen Mpoano
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+233 31 229 3869


Takoradi , Western Region
Western Region GH
Postal address: 
P. O. Box AX 296, Takoradi. Western Region Ghana
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Hen Mpoano (Hɛn Mpoano) is a not-for-profit organization legally registered in Ghana since 2013 and based in Takoradi in the Western Region. Between 2009 to 2013, we existed and operated as Coastal Resources Center- Ghana, with affiliation to the Coastal Resources Center of the University of Rhode Island, USA. During this period, we led the implementation of the USAID-funded Integrated Coastal and Fisheries Governance (ICFG) Initiative for the Western Region of Ghana.


Hɛn Mpoano (Our Coast) is a Ghanaian non-governmental organization (NGO) established  to provide technical, policy and extension support to coastal communities, emerging civil society groups, traditional authorities, government institutions and the private sector to ensure inclusive and integrated management of Ghana’s coastal and marine ecosystems.