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Jimmy Ochom- Land Rights Lead-Oxfam in Uganda

Jimmy is the Land Rights Lead at Oxfam in Uganda and supports Oxfam Global team on Advocacy, Campaign or Influencing work on Land rights, Food Security, and Climate Justice. He holds an LLM from the University of South Wales. He is also a Human Rights Lawyer, activist and specialist in Investment Law and Policy, Land Policy, Land Governance and Natural Resources Conflict Management; Jimmy served the government of Uganda as the Chief Mediator( Land) during the Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters in 2019. He has been progressively working for and with several organisations that look at improving access to Justice through litigation and ADR. He has implemented several Natural Resources Governance projects and developed experience in Climate Justice, Protection of Human Rights, Access to Justice and Gender Equality. He currently represents Africa on the International Advisory Board of the Global Community of Practice on Land and Corruption.


Land Rights Coordinator

Mission and Vision

A just world, without poverty. That is our mission. We believe that people can build independent livelihoods, provided their rights are respected. That is why we help people around the world to stand up for their rights.

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