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Masresha Belete

My name is Masresha Belete Asnakew . I am a lecturer at Woldia University and my specialization is in real estate valuation. My interest in the investigation of real estate affairs were started at the beginning when I had joined to Bahirdar University to study my BSc degree. For frankly speaking I could to study in other department either in faculty of engineering or agriculture. But due to the fact that land administration issue is a pressing and alarming issue in Ethiopia, I had preferred to study my BSc degree in land administration and enthusiastically attend the program. In my stay of the university, I had developed knowledge’s, skills and theoretical and practical perceptions about real property and related affairs through attending workshops, conferences and regular classes given by Bahirdar university under institute of land administration. To mention the main pillar issues of land administration what I had learnt and develop skill, knowledge and understanding were: surveying track which deals about the position and dimension of a property, economics track which deals about the analysis of investment and estimation of the worth of a property, law track which basically concern about rights, duties and responsibility of the owner on his/her/their property, land administration track which deals about the benefits, principles and policies of good land administration system with integrated infrastructures and conflict resolution mechanisms and information technology track which relates to the management of data base like spatial and attribute information about real property were some.

My interest in dealing of the affair of real property was not bounded at under graduate level. I had a great passionate of being adept of the issue of real property and to upgrade my knowledge, I had prefer to deal urban land and property valuation and to meet my vision, I had starting to attend my education in September 2016 in Addis Ababa university and I believe that it is the right choice for me. The demonstrable reasons as my choice was right were:

First of all, I am certain that the numerous courses and case assignments I had taken during my under graduate study helped me to expand the necessary knowledge and skills. My dogged and passionate interest in studying of the issue of real property will help me to afford consistent remedy for real property related problems through investigating new concepts and experiences of other countries. So I need your auspice to realize my vision especially in visiting of the experience of other countries in real property related issues.

Second, Real estate sector has been one of the fastest growing segments of the Ethiopian economy. This is due to the fact that the Ethiopian investment policy encourages foreign investment in the real estate sector and there have indeed an increasing number of foreign investments in this sector. Real estate needs big leverage and so it is necessary to do investment analysis before entering to investment. This big sector needs certified and experienced experts and would be efficient, effective and sustainable when there are good policies and experts who implement the policy properly. But in my point of view, there aren’t sufficient numbers of experts who concern the affairs of real property in Ethiopia. Especially there are no enough number of certified valuers who estimate the worth of real estate for different development or financial activities. One principle of fairness is “give for people their due”. Estimation of value of real property needed for various purposes like insurance, compensation, tax, mortgage, and sale and so on. To do this experts are needed and it is to this fact that I prefer to study my MA degree of urban land and property valuation. Now I am inline with my dream and I am a lecturer at Woldia university.


Woldia University
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