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Agricultural Engineer from UMSA, La Paz, Bolivia. Master of Science in Natural Resources and Rural Development at ECOSUR, Chiapas, Mexico.

Since 2016 she has been Director General of CIPCA. She worked in rural development with various public and private institutions in Bolivia and Mexico.

Among  the  publications, she has authored  include :

  1. Participation and decision-making in the municipal councils of the Highlands of Chiapas, Revista Gestión y Política Publica CIDE México Vol. XIV Nº 2. 2005
  2. Community development strategy in "Population, environment and sustainable development in the Lacandon jungle". ECOSUR/UNFPA Mexico 2006.
  3. Public policies to support science and technology, Chapter V in "International Assessment of the Role of Science and Technology in Agricultural Development in Latin America and the Caribbean". UNDP/UNESCO/World Bank/UNDEP/GEF. 2008
  4. Forest management in communities of Pando, Bolivia, in Territorial rural development and governance of natural resources. Condesan/Gtz/IICA. Peru, 2010
  5. Access, control and territorial management in northern Amazon and Guarayos. Memory international seminar development models. CIPCA. Bolivia, 2011
  6. Possible effects of Law 144 on peasants and indigenous people, in "The challenges of agriculture and the Law of Productive, Community and Agricultural Revolution". Umbrales Magazine Nº 23/UMSA. Bolivia, 2012
  7. Diversified production in valleys and Amazon. Leisa Magazine. Special edition 2016.


La Paz

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