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Global Soy Trade Drives Amazon Deforestation Amid Human Rights Concerns

24 February 2020

Top international soy traders and their practices play a major role in expanding deforestation for agribusinesses in Brazil’s Cerrado, a vast savannah region in the center of the country, according to Greenpeace’s “Under Fire” report. In 2017, the region provided 40 percent of Brazil’s total soy…

Indigenous lands, protected areas limit Amazon’s carbon emissions

27 January 2020

Greater international support for indigenous land rights and livelihoods is a cost-effective way to limit climate change, PNAS study Indigenous lands and protected areas in the Amazon contribute far less to climate change than the rest of the rainforest since they account for only 10 percent of…

Brazil's indigenous guardians of the Amazon

26 August 2019

Tribe vows to fight encroachment of outsiders AMAPÁ, Brazil - Deep in the heart of the Amazon, Ajareaty Waiapi performs one of her tribe's most traditional rituals. The tribal chief crushes blood red urucum seeds into a thick paste and generously applies it to her face, bare chest and torso. The…