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Infographic: How wetlands can help fight climate change

2 February 2022

Wetlands – land consisting of swamps or marshes – have, during the centuries, been demonised as places of pestilence, drained for agriculture or urban development, and polluted or paved over. But today, they are emerging as crucial ecosystems in the fight against climate change. The…

FOREST GOVERNANCE IN DEBATE - Videoforums cycle from December 3 to 17

15 December 2021

The last two meetings of our cycle are dedicated to :   - Local collective governance of forests versus the State in South East Asia, today, December 15 - Experiences and analysis of REDD+ projects around the world, Friday December 17 For more information:…

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Building Power, Deepening Democracy: Global Perspectives on Environmental Justice

5 August 2021

Submission Deadline: All manuscripts should be submitted for consideration by December 31, 2021. The global environmental crisis is intertwined with the crisis of social and economic inequality. From coal plants to palm oil plantations, economic activities that threaten the planet are concentrated…

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VI Conference and Assembly of the Inter-American Network on Cadastre and Property Registre

Perú 2020 The cadastre and property registry provide and ensure the integrity of the physical, legal, and economic aspects of the territory, whether urban or rural. The suspension and delay on processing these public records during the pandemic has left hundreds of thousands of property-related…