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Map of Bhutan


Bhutan is a small landlocked country sandwiched between the two economic powerhouses of India and China. It covers 38,394km2, which is slightly smaller than Switzerland. In 2020, the population stood at 771,612, and even though this figure has tripled since 1960, it is still less than 10% the population of present-day Switzerland. Geographically, the country comprises foothills and high mountainous terrain in the eastern Himalayas. Administratively, it is split into twenty dzongkhag (districts).
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China Steps Up Activity Along Himalayan Borders as Land Border Law Comes Into Effect

24 February 2022

The new law is a tool for Beijing to further expand its sovereignty into its neighbors’ domains. A new Land Border Law, which China adopted amid heightened tensions with its neighbors, has raised concerns over its implications for border disputes. The law aims to “resolutely defend [China’s]…

China’s new Land Border Law may legitimise use of civilian settlements to make territorial claims

27 November 2021

China’s new land border law that recently grabbed headlines apparently seeks to legitimise its use of the civilian settlement to support territorial claims along its disputed boundaries with India and Bhutan. There have been reports about China building villages in areas it illegally occupied in…

Connecting the Dots: UNDP projects connect land, energy and agriculture to protect the environment and build climate resilient livelihoods.

22 November 2021

True resilience relies on connecting the dots. Connecting the dots between nature, climate and energy. Connecting the dots between land-use, energy and agriculture, between livelihoods, natural resources, economic growth, social development and conservation, between people and the impacts climate…



Land is often registered in the names of women, however, decisions about land may remain with male members of the household

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China’s Land Grab in Bhutan Is the New Face of War

17 May 2021

Article written by Hal Brands and originally published by Bloomberg at: (Photo: Buddha at the border. Photographer: Arun Sankar/AFP/Getty Images)   The Pax Americana made outright invasions too…