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Covering an area of 342,000 km2 , the Republic of Congo (also known as Congo) is located in the heart of the world's second-largest rainforest, after the Amazon basin. The country is also home to part of the world's largest tropical peatland, an ecosystem that absorbs and stores large amounts of carbon. With a population of 5.7 million in 2022, the country has one of the lowest population densities in Africa. In terms of land tenure, the underpopulation of rural areas helps preserve forests but poses challenges to agricultural production and food security.
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04 January 2024
Photo ID 557871 UN Photo/Tobin Jones (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED) Are you passionate about upholding Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IP&LC) rights and supporting the protection of forests and biodiversity and the governance of IPLC land and forests in the African continent?   Do you have…
21 January 2023
Outre la suspension de l’exploitation artisanale, le gouvernement a décidé de sécuriser les investissements de Soremi; rétablir l’ordre dans la zone des activités de cette société; interdire l’artisanat minier des polymétaux dans les sites du périmètre minier de Soremi. L’exécutif a également pris…
13 December 2022
Titulaire d’un master de droit privé (recherche fondamentale), Elie Jean-Pierre Nongou est désormais docteur de droit privé en sciences criminelles de l’Université Marien-Ngouabi. Selon lui, la propriété foncière en République du Congo est soumise à un régime d’immatriculation obligatoire visant à…



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Research published in 2017 established the existence, area and depth of the world's largest peatland, straddling swamp forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Congo. Given the importance of these discoveries, the government of the Republic of Congo committed to protecting them in the Brazzaville Declaration and the Resolution UNEP/EA.4/RES.16 on the conservation and sustainable management of peatlands of 15 March 2019. 

In conversation: Rights-based approaches for forest protection initiatives Diverse perspectives on the development of solid benefit sharing and community contracting Wednesday 12th May | 10:00 am – 11.30 am (BST) | Via Zoom   Register from here Initiatives aimed at tackling the climate crisis…