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Map of Madagascar


Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world (587,295 km2) located in the Indian Ocean, some 400 km off the coast of Mozambique. The Republic of Madagascar comprises the main island and a number of small islands and is divided into six provinces and 22 administrative regions. In 2019 it had a population of some 25.68 million people with a low population density of 42.8 inhabitants per km2. 80.5% of the population live in the rural areas while 19.5% (5 million people) live in cities, of whom 2.58 million people live in major urban centres and 2.42 million in secondary urban centres.
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Two storms in two weeks carve trail of death and destruction in Madagascar

7 February 2022

Batsirai, a category 4 cyclone, struck Madagascar’s eastern coast on Feb. 5, leaving 10 people dead. The island nation is still recovering from another tropical storm, Ana, which made landfall on Jan. 22 and left dozens dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. Data from the U.S. National Oceanic…

An estimated 45,000 people have been displaced by a cyclone in Madagascar

6 February 2022

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar — Cyclone Batsirai's torrential winds and rain are hammering Madagascar, after landing on the island's east coast late Saturday. An estimated 45,000 people have been displaced by the tropical storm, the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management said on Sunday. After…

The forgotten, cascading crisis in Madagascar

18 January 2022

The world’s first famine caused by climate change rather than conflict continues amid insufficient domestic and global attention. In Madagascar, extreme weather has contributed to myriad crises. Credit: Rod Waddington. As it enters 2022, Madagascar continues to contend with a severe famine – known…



A ‘degradation myth’ has been long propagated, associating biodiversity loss primarily with the extensive ’slash and burn’ farming system, often excluding the substantive impacts from mining, plantation agriculture and commercial logging

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Top 3 Challenges in Opening Up Land Data, excerpt from the Revised Open Up Guide to Land Governance

25 October 2021

The excerpt highlights the top three challenges any government faces in opening up their land data. Navigating these challenges is a top priority for the Land Portal as we begin to collaborate with national governments to put the Open Up Guide into practice. 

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Webinar: An introduction to Prindex, 28 November

Around the world, insecure property rights prevent families from feeling confident about the future, businesses from investing, and communities from becoming more productive. Hundreds of millions of us lack property security. This makes the world poorer, less free, and less just. There is a growing…