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Map of United States of America

United States of America

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Land Area
914,742,000 ha
55,719.1 USD
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Indigenous tribes are at the forefront of climate change planning in the U.S.

4 February 2020

Temperatures in Idaho’s Columbia, Snake, and Salmon rivers were so warm in 2015 that they cooked millions of salmon and steelhead to death. As climate change leads to consistently warmer temperatures and lower river flows, researchers expect that fish kills like this will become much more common…

What to think of California’s new Tropical Forest Standard

17 November 2019

This topic will be discussed at the Global Landscapes Forum Luxembourg on 30 November. With carbon-absorbing tropical forests vital to limiting global warming, California has approved a new carbon offset standard aimed at keeping such forests in place. The Standard is the latest initiative from the…

Can protecting land promote employment? In New England, the answer is yes

4 October 2019

Protecting land from development provides numerous ecological and social benefits, but many people debate whether it hurts or helps local economies. Some worry that land protection will inhibit economic growth by restricting local resource use or building opportunities. Others counter that land…

United States of America


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Biden administration: How can women benefit from land technology?

Biden administration: How can women benefit from land technology?

20 January 2021

Land technology is moving at warp speed. How will the Biden administration and Samantha Power ensure women benefit? Today Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. The change of administration will bring radical shifts in the United States’ foreign and domestic policy and…