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Map of United States of America

United States of America

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Land Area
914,742,000 ha
55,719.1 USD
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Why A Secretive Chinese Billionaire Bought 140,000 Acres Of Land In Texas

9 August 2021

The inside story of Sun Guangxin’s plan for a wind farm in the Lone Star state and how it incurred the wrath of U.S. lawmakers and environmentalists, becoming a flashpoint in U.S.-China relations. On June 7, Texas governor Greg Abbott sat down at a desk in the state capitol and, flanked by a half…

Indigenous Land Management Is the Best Answer to the Wildfire Crisis

11 June 2021

As drought and climate change make fires worse, officials are returning to Native nations’ time-tested techniques. Returning the land would be better. Last August, as yet another season of historic wildfires ripped through the West and sent plumes of smoke drifting across the continent, reporters…

Indigenous tribes are at the forefront of climate change planning in the U.S.

4 February 2020

Temperatures in Idaho’s Columbia, Snake, and Salmon rivers were so warm in 2015 that they cooked millions of salmon and steelhead to death. As climate change leads to consistently warmer temperatures and lower river flows, researchers expect that fish kills like this will become much more common…

United States of America


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Rhonda Hamilton: Fighting so that Children in her Community can “Live to be Grandparents”

30 July 2021

As a child, Saturdays meant two things for Rhonda: trash and pizza. Her mother ardently believed in being ‘a good member of her community’ and was committed to teaching her children the same. “She’d wake us up Saturday mornings and say, ‘Come on! Let’s go pick up the trash! We’d say, ‘Booo!’ And…