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Community / Land projects / Gollobé-Empowerment of women in Torodi

Gollobé-Empowerment of women in Torodi



10/22 - 09/23


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It is a project that aims at the empowerment and the valorization of women. The project will be implemented by the association of Young Girls Leaders Gollobe of Torodi over a period of 12 months; the town of Torodi and 03 villages of the said town will be targeted in partnership with the local authorities and technical services of Torodi; for a total of 400 direct beneficiaries. Five main activities will be implemented: Advocacy at the communal level to promote access to land for young girls and women Encouraging the schooling of young girls by accompanying them through sensitizations Court hearings to allow 100 women with disabilities to obtain birthcertificates Capacity building for these women to participate in income generating activities Sensitization of women leaders to fight and denounce all forms of violence The project encourages the participation of women in development actions, the empowerment of young girls and women with disabilities. Indeed, women are often marginalized in rural areas. The actions of the girl leaders will give a voice to women who are discriminated against in terms of land management and sharing. The women leaders of the department will be put in contributions to launch an advocacy at the level of the communal authorities.

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