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    juin, 2013

    Representing 30 per cent of Ghana’s formal trade in maize, the Techiman market serves as the main cereals trade platform within the country and the sub-region. However, its role in the region’s economic development is threatened by several shortcomings. The Municipal Assembly and the Techiman traders have therefore launched an innovative public-private initiative to upgrade the maize market infrastructure.

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    Volume 9 Issue 4

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    avril, 2020

    The urban area is characterized by different urban ecosystems that interact with different institutional levels, including different stakeholders and decision-makers, such as public administrations and governments. This can create many institutional conflicts in planning and designing the urban space. It would arguably be ideal for an urban area to be planned like a socio-ecological system where the urban ecosystem and institutional levels interact with each other in a multi-scale analysis.

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    décembre, 2015

    A Cachaça é uma bebida originalmente brasileira, descoberta de forma acidental logo nas primeiras décadas da história do país. Enfrentou o preconceito das elites e a proibição de sua fabricação. Todavia como uma legítima representante popular brasileira resistiu bravamente aos entraves impostos a sua existência, alcançou os paladares mais exigentes e se popularizou no país, se consolidando também pelo mundo, como o destilado de cana-de-açúcar do Brasil.

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    Articles et Livres
    février, 2019

    textabstractImproving urban liveability and prosperity is commonly set as a priority in
    urban development plans and policy around the world. Several annual
    reports produced by international consulting firms, media, and global
    agencies rank the liveability of cities based on a set of indicators, to
    represent the quality of life in these cities. The higher is the ranking, the
    more liveable is the city. In this paper, we argue that such quantitative
    approaches to framing and addressing urban liveability challenges leave

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    Articles et Livres
    novembre, 2015

    In urban areas, infrastructure projects to improve the living environment, such as construction of roads and parks, have been carried out by modifying and abolishing agricultural land. The majority of these projects are land readjustment projects, under which agricultural land is appropriated and replaced with reduced substitute land. The author took up the case of a land readjustment project and the cultivation of pears in Enokido, Yanokuchi, Inagi in order to investigate the effect of such projects, which aim to secure land for public use, on urban agriculture.

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    janvier, 2020

    Trees in urban settings are becoming increasingly important as mediators to emerging challenges that transect social, environmental, and economic factors. Trees provide shade; absorb and store atmospheric carbon and other pollutants; reduce local temperature fluctuations; provide essential inner-city fauna habitat; assist in reducing over-land stormwater flow; provide amenity; and provide many more social, environmental, and economic benefits.

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    Articles et Livres
    janvier, 2017

    The recent rapid population and economic growth in Southeast Asia has brought about drastic socio-economic changes, such as urbanization and an agricultural shift. Urbanization consists of concentrating a population from a rural to an urban area and expanding urban areas, which pushes farmland outward. The current development diagram generates and accumulates disaster risk as an extensive risk; however, the relationship between developmental progress and the increase in disaster risk must be determined for sustainable development to be achieved.

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