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    septembre, 2013

    The paper provides an up-to date and
    selective review of the literature on how social safety nets
    contribute to growth. The evidence is carefully chosen to
    show how safety nets have the potential to overcome
    constraints on growth linked to market failures, and is
    organized into 4 distinct pathways: i) encouraging asset
    accumulation by changing incentives and by addressing
    imperfections in financial markets caused by constraints in

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    octobre, 2013

    This note presents an overview of
    Mexico's forthcoming reform agenda-from the World
    Bank's vantage point. It distills the main messages in
    the policy notes that make up this compendium. The purpose
    is not to provide definitive answers to the many policy
    questions likely to occupy the New Mexican administration,
    or to provide a comprehensive account of progress to date
    and policy recommendations. Instead, it is to provide a view

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    octobre, 2013
    Viet Nam

    One area of weakness in current
    agricultural policy work in Vietnam is the lack of a clear
    understanding of both the private profitability of farmers
    for different crop activities and the social profitability
    of such activities. Agricultural performance is thus gauged
    in physical terms (i.e. yields and the volume of aggregate
    output) rather than in financial or economic terms. This has
    hampered efforts to compare and contrast the impacts and

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    octobre, 2013
    Burkina Faso

    Burkina Faso's Poverty Reduction
    Strategies (PRS) of the 2000s, which were implemented as
    annually rolled-over Priority Action Programs, focused on
    four pillars: a) accelerating broad based growth; b)
    expanding access to social services for the poor; c)
    increasing employment and income-generating activities for
    the poor; and d) promoting good governance. Increased public
    expenditure and targeted social service provision also led

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    septembre, 2013

    This paper provides an overview of
    research on income inequality in China over the period of
    economic reform. It presents the results of two main sources
    of evidence on income inequality and, assisted by various
    decompositions, explains the reasons income inequality has
    increased rapidly and the Gini coefficient is now almost
    0.5. This paper evaluates the degree of income inequality
    from the perspectives of people's subjective well-being

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    novembre, 2013
    Macédoine du Nord

    Former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) of
    Macedonia has closed several gaps in gender inequalities,
    particularly in education and health, but key disparities
    persist in access to economic opportunities and agency,
    particularly among certain ethnic groups. This report
    provides an overview of gender disparities in several
    outcomes related to human and physical endowments, access to
    economic opportunities, and agency. In addition, it offers

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    janvier, 2014
    République-Unie de Tanzanie

    The aim of this study is to explore the
    relationship between women's labor market outcomes and
    partner violence among Tanzanian women, and to estimate the
    difference in women's weekly earnings between women who
    have been abused and women who have not. In addition, this
    study estimates the lost earnings to women because of
    partner violence as a share of Tanzania's gross
    domestic product. Partner violence is the most common form

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    janvier, 2014

    Climate change is at the top of the
    development agenda in Central America. This region, together
    with the Caribbean, is highly vulnerable to the effects of
    climate change in Latin America. Climate change is
    manifesting itself through higher average temperatures and
    more frequent droughts that result in higher water stress,
    and through the rising frequency of extreme weather events
    such as tropical storms, hurricanes, floods and landslides,

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    janvier, 2014

    Access to markets is argued to have a
    significant role in development. In order to quantify the
    access of places to markets, policy makers are showing
    increasing interest in accessibility indicators (Yoshida and
    Deichmann 2009). This paper seeks to examine the spatial
    relationship of access to market in the Kyrgyz Republic
    using a recent census and household survey in order to
    identify possible linkages with rates of poverty and other

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    février, 2014

    Kenya has experienced a decade of
    relatively strong economic growth. Between 2000 and 2009,
    economic growth in Kenya averaged 3.7 percent. However,
    growth declined sharply in 2008 and 2009 as a result of the
    violence following the December 2007 presidential elections,
    of the global food, fuel, and financial crisis, and of the
    drought that occurred after the fourth consecutive year.
    This persistent poverty and vulnerability highlights the

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