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    janvier, 2003
    Afrique du Sud, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Afrique sub-saharienne

    This research in Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe looks at the practice of rights claiming on the ground, in the context of 'legal pluralism' and complex, politicised institutional settings. In the southern African context rights are formulated and claimed in a very unlevel playing field and are highly contested. In practice rights are realised through complex negotiations about access to resources at a local level.

  2. Library Resource
    janvier, 2012
    Afrique du Sud, Afrique sub-saharienne

    Land governance and administration are critical for achieving economic growth and development in any country. It is within this context that the World Bank introduced the Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF) for identifying specific areas for land reform while also providing a means for monitoring.

  3. Library Resource
    janvier, 2011
    Afrique du Sud, Afrique sub-saharienne

    There are no simple solutions for leveraging the project inputs required for the success of township development projects. In most cases, such projects require long planning and implementation periods, the involvement of numerous agencies, and ample persistence and skill. This paper will examines how the inputs for successful township development projects can be mobilised and managed through the course of a project.

  4. Library Resource
    janvier, 2009
    Afrique du Sud

    This paper investigates the impact of climate variability on maize yield in the Limpopo Basin of South Africa using the Generalized Maximum Entropy (GME) estimator and Maximum Entropy Leuven Estimator (MELE). Maize constitutes about 70 percent of grain production and covers about 60 percent of the cropping area in South Africa. It is a summer crop, mostly grown in semiarid regions of the country, and is highly susceptible to changes in precipitation and temperature.

  5. Library Resource
    janvier, 2007
    Zambie, Afrique du Sud, Zimbabwe, Afrique sub-saharienne

    Adaptation to climate change involves changes in agricultural management practices in response to changes in climate conditions. It often involves a combination of various individual responses at the farm-level and assumes that farmers have access to alternative practices and technologies available in the region.

  6. Library Resource
    janvier, 2008
    Afrique du Sud, Afrique sub-saharienne

    This report details the findings of a round table discussion on land reform and agricultural development in South Africa convened by The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) in October 2007.

  7. Library Resource
    janvier, 2002
    Afrique sub-saharienne, Kenya, Malawi, République-Unie de Tanzanie, Lesotho, Afrique du Sud

    Series of country papers on HIV/AIDS and land in Lesotho, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, with concluding paper on methodological and conceptual issues. The key questions addressed include: The impact on and changes in land tenure systems (including patterns of ownership, access, and rights) as a consequence of HIV/AIDS with a focus on vulnerable groups. The ways that HIV/AIDS affected households are coping in terms of land use, management and access, e.g. abandoning land due to fear of losing land, renting out due to inability to utilise land, distress sale of land, etc.

  8. Library Resource
    janvier, 2015
    Afrique du Sud

    South Africans assumed on 27 April 1994 that their vote for freedom would erase the ethnic enclaves known as ‘Bantustans’ or ‘homelands’ and guarantee a common citizenship with equal rights under one law. Officially, the 10 homelands were dismantled under the interim constitution that introduced democracy in 1994, paving the way for the reversal of the dispossession that had been entrenched by the 1913 and 1936 land acts. Instead, 20 years later, a series of laws, bills and policies proposes a separate legal regime for people within the boundaries of those former Bantustans.

  9. Library Resource
    janvier, 2005
    Afrique du Sud, Afrique sub-saharienne

    Since 1994, the South African government has embarked on an ambitious land reform programme to redistribute and return land to previously disenfranchised communities. However, many black people lack the knowledge, skills and experience needed to manage their land.

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