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    The project will contribute to the intensification of rainfed agriculture, the expansion of agricultural exports, the alleviation of poverty, and improved land use. It will pursue these aims by strengthening the capability of the Agricultural Land Reform Office (ALRO) to implement a series of land reform and development projects on encroached public lands and by demonstrating the viability of a land reform and infrastructure development model in an initial set of nine land reform areas (LRAs) of 192,000 ha affecting some 35,000 low-income families.

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    janvier, 2011

    This paper provides new evidence on the caste-related land productivity differential and its explanations in rural Nepal using household plot panel data. Low-caste households are found to have significantly higher land productivity on their owner-operated plots as compared to high-caste households. A comparison between the rented in land of low-caste and the owneroperated land of high-caste households showed that the former has significantly higher land productivity. No significant Marshallian inefficiency was found in the case of low-caste tenant households.

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    avril, 2007

    As long as the land market in Slovakia is not completely developed and land market prices introduced, the officially assigned land prices are practically in use. At the present time, land prices should express the supply prices, which cover the income effect of the land site under the socially necessary costs. Thus, centrally assigned fixed land prices could represent the effective prices in this transient period. Official prices are actually also used for fiscal purposes and to solve land property rights.

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    janvier, 2005
    Afrique du Sud

    Does providing increased access to secure property rights have a positive impact on people's livelihoods? This policy brief questions Hernando de Soto's contention that capitalism can be made to work for the poor, through formalising their property rights in houses, land and small businesses.

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    The objective of the Shanxi Coalbed Methane Development and Utilization Project for China is to develop a resettlement action plan for the people affected by the project to guarantee they can benefit from the project, improve their living standards or at least restore their living standards after the project is completed. The project will affect 14 village groups in 8 administrative villages in Zhengzhuang town and Duanshi town in Qinshui county.

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    Ownership security and land rights are important incentives to increasing land productivity and hence land value. This paper reviews the development of formal and informal land rights in Thailand over time and describes the present situation in which a significant amount of land is occupied by farmers without legally secured land rights in areas classified as forest reserves. A review of the literature on the economic implications of land rights suggests that farmers lacking secure ownership will have less incentive to invest.

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    The Land Administration Project aims to a) ensure equitable access to land and improve land tenure security by providing land administration services in selected rural, peri-urban, and urban areas; and b) enhance natural resources conservation through the consolidation of the National System of Projected Areas and indigenous peoples territories.

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    Since agricultural development in Zimbabwe contributes to both economic growth and the standard of living for most people living in the Communal Areas, it is imperative that the government protect and enhance the land resources existing in those areas. Unless the current degradation and deterioration is arrested, the country's development goals will not be attainable. It is, therefore, with this economic imperative and sense of urgency that the present study has been undertaken.

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    janvier, 2008

    This study aims to show that by increasing landownership among peasants their incomes will improve, even as they continue to practice their agricultural methods in the same economic and technical environment. The study was conducted on farms located in Analamanga region in Madagascar, and it presents a methodology for optimising farm production in this region. According to the study, the optimisation can be achieved by analysing the risks peasants face in the creation of a practical approach to stimulate production capacity by income/area.

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